Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

This gravel measures 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and has a rusty brown color. Commonly used for walkways, dog pens, around patios and as a small fill rock to cover small areas in between larger rocks. Not recommended for areas where there is a wash problem because it is too light to be an effective erosion control. 

Washed Gravel

Washed Gravel or 57 Rock

This gravel measures 3/8 inch to 1.5 inches and it also has a rusty brown color. This is the gravel commonly used on driveways that have a base already established. Also commonly used in walkways, dog pens, patios, and in French drains. 

Oversized Washed Gravel

Oversized Wash Gravel

This gravel measures 2 to 3 inches and is very effective in ditches and other areas when used to control erosion. Can be the same rusty brown color as the other gravels or sometimes will be more of a tan color. This is also commonly used in French drains. 

Clay Gravel

Clay Gravel or Road Gravel

This gravel is a mixture of sand, clay and gravel. Commonly used as a base for establishing a new drive way or parking area. Packs down tightly and can also be used as a patch for gravel driveways. This is the same red gravel seen on county road shoulders. Stocked seasonally so call first before coming. 

Crushed Limestone

Crushed Limestone/CR610

Crushed limestone is also referred to as CR610. It is limestone gravel mixed with crushed limestone. This mixture packs down really well and is great for using it as a driveway/parking pad base. As it gets packed down and watered in it becomes quite hard and provides a base that does not sink into the mud. Also very effective when used as a patch for pot holes in gravel drives and even asphalt ones.

Limestone Gravel

Limestone Gravel

Available in different sizes the most common of which is 1 to 2 inch size. Also referred to as 57 rock. Can be used on driveways, walkways, around pools and any place regular gravel would be used. It is chalky white/grey in color but is not recommended for use in fish ponds or around plants do to the ph change that is possible as it leaches into the environment. 

1/4" Minus

Gabion Limestone

1/4 Minus limestone is 1/4' and smaller. It is great for using as a base under pavers, bricks or stone. Also great for horse stalls. 

3" Minus

Gabion Limestone

Actually bigger than what most people think of as gravel. 3" Minus is a large limestone effectively used in areas where erosion is a problem. 3" Minus is basically anything that can pass through a screen that has 3 inch holes.