A beautiful lawn makes every house look better. Whether your house is in full sun or partial shade we have the best sod available. We offer our sod either by the pallet or by the roll. A pallet will cover 450 Sq. Ft. and a big roll will cover 360 sq. ft. We do not stock our sod on the lot. Rather it is cut and delivered when you order it.

Bermuda Tifway 419

Developed by the University of Georgia (at Tifton, GA), Tifton 419 is a well proven Bermuda variety.  It has a dark green color, very fine leaf texture, and can be mowed at heights lower than 1”.  When properly maintained, Tifton 419 is one of the most beautiful grasses available in the mid-south.  It is one of the most popular golf fairway grasses, and is also used extensively for ball fields and full-sun residential lawns.

Jamur Zoysia

JaMur Zoysia’s medium texture and attractive blue-green color is the perfect choice for high visibility and high traffic applications JaMur is considered a much-improved replacement for the El Toro, Meyer, Palisades, Crown cultivars, and St. Augustine varieties.  It is the ideal choice for residential and commercial sites, as well as a golf course rough selection.  Jamur has great shade, drought and cold tolerances.  The density of the turf, coupled with an extensive rhizome & root system, give JaMur excellent recovery characteristics.