Stone and Boulders

Field Stone

Field stone is the most popular stone used in the midsouth. Perfect for edging flowerbeds, dry stacking, lining a ditch or even used as the siding on a house. Field stone is literally picked up in the fields and will differ greatly in colors and sizes. Mainly has gray and brown hues.

Yellow or Golden Field stone

Yellow field stone is much lighter in color and has a higher iron content making it have more rust or golden highlights. The stone is just as versatile as normal field stone but not quite as common.


Calico is a very light colored stone. It tends to be rust, cream and white in color and usually is very smooth. It is a sandstone base stone and tends to break easily but is not too soft to hold up to traffic when used as a walkway or patio. Once set in sand or mortar is very unlikely to break. 

River Rock

River rock is a beautiful rock full of tans and browns. It has been rounded by water movering over it and comes in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Some are flat and some tend to be more round. Stunning when used in dry creek beds or wash areas. Also perfect around small ponds. 

River Boulders

River Boulders are also a beautiful rock full of tans and browns and it as been rounded by water movement also. These small boulders range in size from softball to basketball size. Wonderful in wash areas or mixed with river rock in dry creek beds or around ponds. 


Flagstone does not come out of Arkansas but rather Oklahoma. Flagstone is very smooth and very uniform in thickness. Available in 1" to 3" thicknesses. Matches well with fieldstone and river rock. Wonderful when used as a walkway or patio. Also makes a great topper for stacked stone.


Our boulders are hand selected to be some of the most beautiful around. We have boulders that range from 50 pounds to 4000 pounds. We price our boulders based on color, condition and size.