Doors and Windows

Our doors and windows are designed to provide years of worry free service. 


We offer a wide variety of different types of windows including insulated depending on what your need may be. Our windows come in different sizes and appearances and come with removable screens. 

Wood Doors

We build our wood doors to last for many years of worry free service. We use the sidings as on our walls. The frame is constructed using full 2" x 4" boards with brackets and adjustment rods. The outside trim is not only decorative but also functional in providing extra support to keep the door from sagging. Three hinges rated to support 150 pounds each are used on each door to insure the door opens as easily 10 years from now as it does the day you first open the door. Also, our doors are designed to completely seal out the outside elements.

Metal Doors

Where needed we use standard 36” metal insulated entry doors either solid metal or with a window in the top half. Our garage doors are solid steel roll-up doors and are available only on at least 12’ wide buildings.