Our floor system is one of the strongest in the industry. We use a three part system that includes skids, floor joists and plywood all pressure treated to insure many years of worry free service. 


Each skid is a solid 4" x 6" pressure treated beam that runs the entire length of the building. Each skid is notched every 16 inches on standard floors and every 12 inches on garage floors to provide a grove for the joists to lay in and to be fastened to, forming an extra strong and stable base for our buildings to be built upon. 


All joists are made of pressure treated 2" x 4" boards that stand on edge in the notches that are cut into the skids. Then each joint is nailed into place at each intersection with the skids. This creates an extremely strong platform on which to nail the decking. 


The 19/32” Plywood on standard floors and the 3/4” Plywood on garage floors are also pressure treated and when nailed to the floor joist will provide the final link in our top of the line floor system.