Other Features

From the floors to the roof and everywhere in between, Derksen Portable Buildings are made with quality in mind. From making your valuables secure to making sure the building can breathe properly every detail has been thought out to insure your building will be a great investment. 

Ring Shanked Nails

Each building is specifically engineered to be as strong as possible and one of the ways we accomplish this is by using ring shanked nails on all of the siding. These nails are more difficult to remove than screws and will not back out on their own. 


Wherever practical we use brackets instead of nails. These hold better and are stronger than nails when used properly. 

Coated Screws

Whenever screws are needed we use only coated screws specifically designed for pressure treated wood so they will not rust.


Each building is built with ventilation vents located in each end to maximize cross ventilation and to allow excess heat to escape. 

Drip Rail

Have you held a water hose parallel to the ground with the water barely turned on? The water will hang on to the hose and run back up the hose a short distance before it drips off. Water will do the same thing as it drips off a shingle and can run back up under the shingles and cause major damage. A drip rail is simply a piece of material that prevents this from happening. All of our buildings have a drip rail wrapped around the entire building. 


From our hinges, to our locks and even the construction of the building our buildings are designed to keep your stuff secure. All wood doors have metal locking latches that come with a key. All metal doors have a locking door knob and all garage doors have a metal latch designed for you to add your own lock. All windows come with screens and double locking latches. All hinges are mounted with two inch wood screws designed with a unique head to make it more difficult for someone to remove them. Also our buildings are designed to seal out the elements, rodents and any unwanted guests.