Our walls are some of the strongest in the industry and are constructed very similarly as the walls in your house. Each wall consists of both a top and bottom plate, studs, pressure treated, smart board or metal siding and have true headers over each door and window.

Top and Bottom Plates

When a wall is constructed for a house it is built on the ground and then raised all in one piece. That is exactly how our walls are built. That is only possible with top and bottom plates. The studs are placed in between a 2” x 4” at the top and bottom (the Plates) and then nailed into these plates from the ends. This creates a much stronger joint than simply toe-nailing the the 2” x 4” to the plates from the sides. 


Each of our studs are a full 2” x 4” not a 2” x 2” or some other smaller board and we use the same number of studs used in a wall set on 16 inch centers and in some cases more.  They maybe arranged in a slightly different pattern to allow for the strongest nailing surface possible for the siding. 


Our siding is some the best in the industry. Made from either pressure treated plywood, smart board or metal. Each with their own benefits.


Every doorway and window opening is framed using a header and double studs to insure no sagging of the roof line or of the walls.